Canon LBP-250

Canon LBP-250

The Canon LBP-250 is a fine example of a compact personal laser printer. Because it prints strictly in black-and-white, only one Canon LBP-250 toner cartridge is needed. Printing at speeds of only 8 pages per minute, the Canon LBP-250 is a little slower than most of the competition, but it makes up for that with its instant start-up time and high resolution of prints. Using Canon LBP-250 toner, resolutions can reach as high as 600x600 dpi. The black Canon LBP-250 toner cartridge used inside will last buyers about 2,500 pages before expiring. Transparencies, envelopes, labels, postcards, index cards, colored paper and plain paper all work in conjunction with the LBP-250. The smallest size supported is 3x5 inch paper, and the largest size supported is 8.5x14 inch media.

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