Canon LBP-1760

Canon LBP-1760

This white Canon printer is a perfect choice for groups who have large printing needs. It's both efficient and effective. With the effective controls on the Canon LBP 1760, you can quickly set the resolution, pagination, and scaling the way you want it. With a practical form factor, this Canon printer takes up the most efficient amount of desk space necessary to get your printing tasks completed. Easily hook it up and print out crisp figures, charts, and minutes thanks to the easy to use parallel (IEEE 1284) computer connection found on this laser printer. The Canon LBP 1760 is an exceptional workgroup printer, so you can balance multiple print jobs with ease. You can generate smear-free presentations, instructions, and minutes since this Canon printer features an affordable monochrome printing capability. Furthermore, the well-designed laser component included with this laser printer makes it easy for you to print lots of striking quality blotch-free minutes, charts, and figures. Complete your document print

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