Canon LBP-840

Canon LBP-840

The Canon LBP-840 is a fairly compact single-function laser printer designed for home or small office use. It has adequate print speeds, though its paper capacity is somewhat small. One of its best benefits is the fact that it doesn't require much desk space for operation, making it a good fit for home users in tight spaces. Large capacities and low prices on Canon LBP-840 printer toner supplies also make it very cost-effective to operate. The LBP-840 can print up to 16 pages per minute, which is a pretty good fit for home users or even a personal user in a small office. Anything beyond this use might be a bit too much for it to handle, however. The main paper tray holds only 250 sheets, but again, this should be a good fit for low-volume use. With no option for upgrades to the paper capacity, however, buyers should be sure it will support their needs before purchase. The unit has a 1200x1200 dpi output resolution that should result in sharp quality prints. Since it connects via parallel port only, modern com

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