Canon FP-300 Micrographics

Canon FP-300 Micrographics

Canon FP-300 laser printer print speeds of 9 pages per minute aren't overly impressive, but Canon FP-300 printer toner supplies offer solid yields at low prices, for a very low cost per page. The FP-300 leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to connection options, with only a single parallel port onboard. This means an adapter would be needed to connect it to most modern computers, though the performance wouldn't be reduced. The maximum output resolution of 400x400 dpi doesn't compare favorably to more modern devices, but it is adequate for in-house documents. The main paper tray can hold up to 250 sheets, which is fairly standard. Impressively, the output tray can also hold up to 250 sheets, so users can go through the entire supply without the need to stop and empty the tray. The unit itself measures 11.8x19.3x19.8 inches, so it is a little bulky for a desk surface. Its weight of 50.7 pounds includes the Canon FP-300 toner supplies, however, so it is manageable. Canon FP-300 toner cartridges are among th

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